“Long summer nights in Sweden inspired designer Sonia Rattan-Larsson to create Hej fleece kids clothing (pronounced “hey” – means Hello in Swedish). Sitting on the porch with her family, gazing at the midsummer lights of the northern skies, she was stirred by both the beauty of the crisp and chilly world around her, and love – for her shivering kiddos. She’d have to wrap her little ones in something warm if they were going to keep on stargazing.

And so it was that Hej kids fleece clothing was born. Made from recycled fleece. Infused with the bright colors and trim lines of Swedish style, the line of Hej clothing bursts with carefree and lively fashion that is easy to wear and easy to wash. You can order from snap cash binary review

About Hej Products

The Hej kids fleece collection doesn’t stop at warm eco- friendly outerwear. Combining the need for practicality with a taste for Scandinavian style, Sonia created pillows, blankets and sleepsacks too, each with a special little pocket(s) to store snacks or pacifers while gazing at the stars. Now even those loose teeth have a place while waiting for the tooth fairy. All this fun…and helping save the planet!”